Thomas Rosales - Projects

Flappy Madness

Flash game created on Stencyl, my take on the original Flappy Birds

New Tab - Bitcoin Price Checker

Keep up to date with the latest Bitcoin (BTC) prices on every new tab opened.

GIF-MP3 Video Muxer

Windows app that combines a MP3 and a GIF files and converts it into a video with sound. Inspired by

GIF Wall

Unlimited scrolling GIF content. Let it play. Listen to the music and relax!

Click The Turtle

Just Click The Turtle

No Turning Back Meow

Automated cat blog built on AngularJS. Uses Reddit API to get cat images.

Browser Pets

Never browse the Web again with this fun Chrome Extension!

Nancy - Wordpress Template

Minimalist Custom Wordpress Template, directed towards photography portfolio showcase.

Castle Cat Vs Trump and friends

HTML5 game built using the Phaser.JS framework.